Dormers Wells High School

New-build secondary school, Southall

Cayford Design was Client Design Adviser (CDA) for the London Borough of Ealing’s £230 million BSF programme.

Key Outcomes:

Dormers Wells High School is a new-build school which has transformed the outlook and opportunity of its students.

Our Approach

We guided the inexperienced clients in the process of designing a new school, from inception to planning application stage. Our approach was to encourage the client to raise their aspirations for what could be achieved and helped them communicate this message throughout the entire procurement process.

Our Process

The process involved acting as a bridge between the school, the Local Authority who was our direct client, and with the bidding consortia who were to build and maintain the school. Involving the school in a wide range of exemplar visits and workshops we teased out their ideal pedagogical model and incorporated that into a written brief and diagrammatic adjacencies.

The Results

Dormers Wells demonstrates how inside-outside learning spaces promote well-being and enhanced educational outcomes.

  • Customer Dormer Wells
  • Field Education
  • Location Southall
  • Year 2012
“Perfection, as good as it gets”. “This is the best BSF school CABE has seen” “This is a rare moment; whoever has done the briefing has done a good job”. London Borough of Ealing Ealing BSF Programme ealing

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